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Employee Classification and Compensation Study Services RFP

The Charleston County Aviation Authority is requesting proposals from qualified consultants for an Employee Classification and Compensation Study.



Contact:   Twyla Warden
PreBid Date:   TBD 00:00 PM
PreBid Info:   Suspended - See Addendum #3

Company:   Charleston County Aviation Authority
Bid Date:   TBD 00:00 PM
Bid Info:   Suspended - See Addendum #3

Project Location: Charleston SC International Airport

Public Notes:
Any questions and/or comments concerning this Request for Proposals should be directed in writing and delivered via email, fax or mail, no later than February 28, 2019 at 5:00p.m. to:

Twyla Warden- Procurement Department
Charleston County Aviation Authority
5500 International Boulevard #101, Charleston, South Carolina 29418-6911
Fax: 843-760-3020

Responses to questions will be issued in the form of an Addendum and will be posted no later than five (5) business days prior to the scheduled, Request for Proposals due date. All Addenda so issued shall become part of this RFP and must be acknowledged in the submittal. The Charleston County Aviation Authority will not be responsible for any oral instructions with regard to this notice. Said notice can only be changed by a formal written Addendum.

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